Google is turning AI into a teacher's assistant on educational videos

By 05/15/2024
Google is turning AI into a teacher's assistant on educational videos

The annual Google I/O conference included an announcement related to YouTube‘s library of educational content. Android users can now test themselves by asking Google's Gemini chatbot to quiz them on the material they see in videos.

The latest addition to Google's AI quizzes is accessible through the YouTube mobile app. On qualifying English-language videos, viewers can enter a prompt to figuratively raise their hand and receive a multiple-choice question provided by Gemini. The feature is also available on long-form educational videos, including digital lectures and seminars.

Google explained that the new tool will reinforce learning concepts while also providing more data about the thoroughness of long-form educational videos. Based on the quiz questions, YouTube will determine whether the associated clip accurately represents its chosen topic.


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Its been nearly two years since YouTube first announced its intention to launch quizzes within posts on individual channels' Community tabs. The rollout for that feature continued throughout 2022, though the advent of advanced generative AI models led YouTube to adjust its quizzes. AI-generated quizzes arrived on iOS and Android devices last July. Users who watched “a few” educational videos were among the first to gain access.

AI-powered quizzes are one of several enhancements YouTube has made within its educational category, which is occupied by channels like Khan Academy and Crash Course. Last year, the latter of those channels teamed up with YouTube and Arizona State University to launch Study Hall, a program that allows students to receive college credit by completing video-based modules.

A full recap of Google I/O is available through the developer conference's homepage. The headline concerned Gemini, which has been officially rebranded after first launching as Bard.

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