MrBeast Chicken? Jimmy Donaldson brings “MrBeast Box” to fast food chain Zaxby's.

By 05/16/2024
MrBeast Chicken? Jimmy Donaldson brings “MrBeast Box” to fast food chain Zaxby's.

Jimmy Donaldson is attaching his personal brand to a fast food chain, but this time, we're not talking about MrBeast Burger. The face of the MrBeast YouTube empire has partnered with Zaxby‘s to introduce the MrBeast Box, a meal that features Donaldson's Feastables brand on its packaging.

The MrBeast Box is available at Zaxby's locations nationwide. The chain known for tenders and other chicken dishes counts more than 900 locations, most of which can be found in the Southern United States.

The box starts at $12.99 and includes a plethora of Zaxby's menu items, including chicken, fries, Texas toast, and Feastables' milk chocolate bar. For Donaldson's confectionary brand, the Zaxby's partnership is a chance to show off a new recipe. Feastables recently reformulated its chocolate bars to create what Donaldson calls “the best-tasting chocolate ever made by mankind.”


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“I grew up going to Zaxby's, so when we started talking and decided to make the MrBeast Box, I knew it'd be perfect to include my new Feastables bar in it,” Donaldson said in a statement. “It’s the world's best chocolate bar and the world's best chicken, simple as that.”

Feastables won't be the only MrBeast-adjacent brand to receive some positive PR from the Zaxby's partnership. Donaldson is making another foray into the world of fast food after previously launching MrBeast Burger, a nationwide delivery chain that arrived during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. MrBeast Burger grew rapidly but ran into quality control issues along the way. Last year, Donaldson filed a lawsuit against Virtual Dining Concepts, alleging that his MrBeast Burger business partner devalued the brand with an overambitious expansion plan.

Donaldson's Zaxby's deal seems a lot less controversial, and it will include more than just a box of chicken. The two partners plan to unite for video integrations, social media content, and more. The only brand that might be upset about the pact is Bojangle's; the North Carolina-based chicken chain may be wondering why a Carolina native chose to work with Georgia-based Zaxby's instead (though both eateries can be found throughout the South).

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