Ahead of its public launch, BrandArmy brings in Rob Ryan as Chief Creator Officer

By 05/17/2024
Ahead of its public launch, BrandArmy brings in Rob Ryan as Chief Creator Officer

Creator brand-building company BrandArmy has a new Chief Creator Officer.

Rob Ryan, a digital industry veteran and creator economy consultant who's been running his own marketing and branding firm since 2018, is joining ahead of BrandArmy's public launch, and will “spearhead [its] creator acquisition and education initiatives,” the company tells B-ru.

BrandArmy, for those not familiar, is a kind of safe-for-work, digital content creator-exclusive equivalent of OnlyFans. It invites creators with “well-engaged fandoms” to apply for its services, and if they’re approved, it helps them build what it calls “superfan communities” where they can make money through things like paywalled posts and livestreams, pay-to-send DMs and chats, and tips.


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Its platform has been in beta since March 2021. To date, its client creators and organizations have collectively generated over $12 million in revenue, with some creators making more than $150,000 a month.

“We've learned so much during this time,” Ramon Mendez, BrandArmy's co-founder and CEO, says. “We believe ‘Community' is the new product and Rob brings a unique POV with his creator economy background and relationships and will help shape our community-first platform in the years to come.”

“Serious creators have lost the ability to maintain a quality relationship with their social media audiences because of algorithms and advertisers,” Ryan adds. “I love how BrandArmy is focused on helping move creators from having platform-controlled audiences to creator-controlled communities where a direct and more authentic relationship is actually possible. I look forward to helping new and established creators learn how to connect and foster their community while scaling their business with proven proprietary technology that BrandArmy has innovated.”

BrandArmy confirms that it's set to for public launch “soon,” but isn't disclosing the exact date. The launch will come with “a complete redesign and improved technology,” it says.

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