TMG Studios hits 300 million downloads, expands its slate with 3 more creator-hosted shows

By 05/17/2024
TMG Studios hits 300 million downloads, expands its slate with 3 more creator-hosted shows

TMG Studios is fleshing out its roster with three more shows.

The network, founded in 2021 by Tiny Meat Gang aka Cody Ko and Noel Miller, has since become a major production, with 18 full-time employees working on shows that have (collectively) racked up 30 million followers and 300+ million downloads.

Now, it's brought in Emergency Intercom (305K subscribers on YouTube), co-hosted by comedy creators Enya Umanzor (1.2 million on Insta) and Drew Phillips (560K/Insta). Pitched as a weekly get-together where Umanzor and Phillips “highlight the importance of conversation between idiots,” Emergency Intercom has been solo produced since 2021, and has nearly 150 episodes in its archive.


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“TMG is the perfect fit for us,” Umanzor and Phillips said. “They understand our vision and it's amazing working with a group of people that have experienced the industry from the ground up. It's ideal to be working with people that are genuinely funny because it gets hard being the clowns all the time…plus they laugh at everything we say and that's the way to our hearts! They were also aware of our violent reactions to rejection so maybe that helped.”

TMG is also tapping YouTube animators MeatCanyon (who already has a couple podcasts with the network) and Flashgitz to bring in their pop culture podcast, Cream Crew. (It has 172K subscribers on YouTube and an archive of 117 episodes.)

And, on top of those two shows, Miller is launching a new series called The Company Lot, described as “a seemingly infinite parking lot where Noel pays homage to the original podcast, the universal act of loitering. Join him weekly for brain rot.”

The Company Lot is releasing sometime before summer, with an exact date TBA. (Emergency Intercom and Cream Crew will continue to be available weekly on their usual audio services/social channels, and will also become part of TMG's $10/month streaming service, which gives subscribers ad-free listening plus exclusive content, bonus episodes, and extended cuts).

“As we expand our network, we're incredibly excited to welcome these new shows onto our comedic slate,” Ko and Miller said. “Enya and Drew have done a brilliant job building the world of Emergency Intercom and cultivating a dedicated audience. It’s equally thrilling to continue our collaboration with MeatCanyon, supporting his and Flashgitz's Cream Crew through our robust sales efforts. By seamlessly integrating these dynamic shows into our sales and partnerships pipeline, and providing tailored production support to Enya and Drew, we are set to enhance our creative offerings. We believe that bolstering these partnerships with our strategic sales support will not only elevate the content but also reinforce our reputation for high-level production and innovation in the podcasting space.”

Ko and Miller continue to host TMG Studios' flagship podcast Tiny Meat Gang, which has 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

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