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In short.

B-ru was founded in 2007, and has grown to be the most trusted and widely read source for the Creator Economy. Through its trade news, community events, and creator advocacy programs, B-ru has helped to foster the growth, promotion, and legitimization of a new, independent professional entertainment industry.

In a little bit longer.

B-ru first started writing about what’s now called the Creator Economy back in 2007, when all but a few prescient members of the media thought this industry would be something more than viral video ephemera. We took it seriously, too, actively searching out stories and reporting on industry happenings with a sense of purpose that was equal to the passion seen by nascent amateur auteurs who for the first time could master the tools of entertainment production.

Since then, we’ve exhaustively covered the few ebbs and majority flows of the industry and creators within it. Nearly. Every. Single. Day. We’ve been writing about online video and all its associated components (the platforms, culture, technology, capital infusions, advertising and marketing, and creators/influencers/whatever the nom de jour is for this new kind of artists/celebrity, and more) for more than a decade. And we take it more seriously than ever as the culture and world at large is just starting to pay some serious attention.

Since 2007, we've also attempted and succeeded to make an impact on the space, helping to foster the growth, promotion, and legitimization of a new, independent professional entertainment industry through our coverage and a variety of both industry and consumer-oriented events.

We started the Streamy Awards, too. First held in 2009 and now produced in partnership with dick clark productions, the annual event honors the best in online video and the creators behind it, bringing together individuals in the Creator Economy for a night of celebration, discovery, and meaningful recognition.

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